Query store – next generation tool for every DBA

cvr_sidefront_lgAlong with the release of SQL server 2016 CTP 3 now comes the preview of a brand new feature for on premise databases – the Query Store. This feature enables performance monitoring and troubleshooting through a log of executed queries.

This blogpost will cover the aspects of this new feature including:

  • Introduction
  • How to activate it
  • Configuration options
  • What information is found in the Query Store
  • How to use the feature
  • What’s in it for me


The new feature Query Store enables everyone with responsibility for SQL server performance and troubleshooting with insight to the actual queries and their query-plans. It simplifies the old way of setting up tracing, logging and event handling to a standard, out of the box, feature.

It enables you to find causes for performance differences due to change in query plans. It also captures historic data from queries, plans, statistics (runtime), and keeps these for later review. This storage is divided into configured time-slots.

All in all, this feature enables you to monitor, capture and analyze performance issues in the server with a few standard settings.

Read more at: http://www.sqlshack.com/query-store-your-databases-flight-recorder/

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