BIML is my new black. BIML and the tools BIDShelper and Varigences MIST has become a big part of my daily work.

Here I’ll gather my best ressources for BIML, code, examples, my own posts etc.

So keep passing by – new stuff arrives often.

Blog posts

Referencing the same custom script task in SSIS with BIML

Fully automate the BIML expansion

BIML founders

The founders of BIML. They are the very reason that I write this page. Scott and Steven Currie. Two awesome guys with the brilliant BIML tool MIST.

Their webpages and ressources are a huge database of knowledge and guides. – guides, scripts, snippets and much more – the place to go for the MIST app

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Cathrine Wilhelmsen’s blog is a great ressource. It can be found here.

Especially her blogpost on datatypes between SQL, SSIS and BIML are one of my personal permanent links: BIML data types


The MIST 4.0 webinar:

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