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Performance issue using formatting in MDX

ActivityMonitorTo make a long story short – Do not use formatting in MDX when using results for Reporting Services.

Here’s a little tip for all who works with MDX and gets stuck on the performance.

Sometimes when you work on MDX queries the performance is very slow. This even though the resultset is only a few rows. (I know that the dataintegrity also is a role player here…).

But but, I’ve come up with a little finding.

If you have used formatting directly in your MDX query in order to get the whole thing done from the SSAS servers power, then it’s actually a lot faster to get Reporting Services to do the formatting for you.

I didn’t now this, it’s possible that many of you allready did. I know that I’ve learned something new today.

And yes, this is also a matter of hardware, network, setup, configuration etc. etc. But the bottom line is Reporting Services are a whole lot faster to render the formatting than compared with Analysis Services and MDX.



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